Born in Kichijōji district in Tokyo, Japan






In 1983, the first leather craft store with the trademark "Dayan" was opened in Jiyugaoka in Tokyo.

In 1987, Akiko created the world of "Wachifield Wonderland". Since then, her journey to telling fascinating stories in this imaginary world has begun. Throughout these years, more than 80 books were published, including picture books, novels, art books and travel diaries with drawings. Also numerous products has been manufactured using the characters of Wachifield, distributed in over 300 stores in Japan.

2013 is a memorable year as it is Dayan's 30th birthday, the key character of the Wachifield Wonderland. Nationwide exhibition was conducted in numerous museums and department stores, illustrating authentic masterpieces of Akiko.


  • Born in Kichijōji district in Tokyo, Japan. Akiko lived with father, who worked in the national railway, and her mother, brother, sister and grandmother. 
  • Graduated with Japanese Literature Associate in Arts at Aoyama Gakuin College. After graduation, she started her first job in an advertising agency.
  • Learnt and assisted production in mother's leather workshop aroused her interest in leathers. Akiko started to paint on leather with acrylic and dyes, and began designing various leather products. 
  • Began using "Wachfield" as pseudonym, which was inspired and name after the hand-made soft toy made by herself during childhood. 
  • Began using "Wachifield" as the name of the leather workshop. 
  • Opened 1st flagship store in Jiyugaoka with Dayan as the logo. 
  • Began painting using pastel colors and pencils. 
  • Published "Stories of the Twelve Months", the first story book about Wachifield Wonderland, with Dayan as the main character. 
  • Published by Holp Shuppan publishing, the first picture book "Dayan's Tasteful Dreams".
  • Designed and drew pictures for animation "Yoyo the Cat's Feast" broadcasted by NTV.
  • Painted illustration for grade 3 story book "Let's Go and Buy Gloves".
  • Published "Dayan's Birthday", the first art book for collection.
  • Experienced life in north pole to get inspiration for designing new cartoon characters for a company. This journey help aroused her interest in travel sketches. 
  • Published "Tachiel Enit Museum", the first album of paintings. 
  • Organized the first exhibition of the original painting in Ginza, Tokyo and Kawaguchiko Muse Museum.
  • Published album of paintings "South's Seasonal Tradition"
  • Organized exhibition of original paintings at Obuse Museum of Art in Nagano.
  • Travelled to Morocco and inspired by the trip, published a sketch travel diary called "Let's go Morocco".
  • Organized thematic exhibition "Dayan and the Wachifield Wonderland" at Kasama Nichido Meseum of Art.
  • Organized thematic exhibition "Dayan and the Wachifield Wonderland" at Sakata City Museum of Art.
  • Grand opening of Kawaguchiko Konohana Museum with permanent exhibitions called "The World of Akiko Ikeda".
  • Organized thematic exhibition "Dayan the Cat, Akiko Ikeda's Painting Exhibition" in Takashimaya in Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Kyoto and USUI Department Store in Koriyama, Kobe Daimaru Museum, Mitsukoshi Kurashiki, Tenmaya Hiroshima Hatchobori, Kumamoto Tsuruya Department Store, Kagoshima Yamagataya Department Store, and also exhibition at Takashimaya in Kyoto organized by Asahi Shimbun.
  • Started to explore deeper into the mysterious world of Wachifield.
  • Published story book "Dayan goes to Wachifield".
  • Published "Dayan, where is Seam?", an album of paintings with the theme of treasure hunt. 
  • Published the second story book "Dayan and Jitan"
  • Organized thematic exhibition "Dayan in the Wachifield Wonderland - Akiko Ikeda's Painting Exhibition" in Niigata Daiwa Department. 
  • Published the third story book "Dayan and Time Magic"
  • Organized thematic exhibition "Dayan in the Wachifield Wonderland - Akiko Ikeda's Painting Exhibition" in Tokyo Asakusa Matsuya, Matsuzakaya Nagoya , and Marui Imai Sapporo.
  • Kawaguchiko Konohana Museum remodeled and built the Tachiel Enit Museum based on the paintings in the storybooks. 
  • Organized thematic exhibition "Dayan in the Wachifield Wonderland - Akiko Ikeda's Painting Exhibition" in Hirata Honjin Kinenkan, Shimane. 
  • Published a serial story "Dayan Cafe" in monthly magazine Moe.
  • Published a story book for art collection "Dayan and Wachfield"
  • Published 4th story book "Dayan and the Prince of Tachiel".
  • Published album of paintings "New Wachifield Album of Paintings".
  • Organized thematic exhibition "Dayan and Wachifield ・Akiko Ikeda's Painting Exhibition" in Osaka Namba Takashimaya, Tokyo Nihonbashi Takashimaya, Hiroshima Hachobori Tenmaya, Fukuoka Mitsukoshi, Yokohama Takashimaya, Nagoya Matsuzakaya, Hirata Honjin Kinenkan and Kagoshima Yamagataya.
  • Published 5th story book "Dayan's War with Halloween".
  • Inspired by the trip to Germany, published a travel diary called "Let's go Germany's Castle and River Rine".
  • Published thirteenth ark book called "Dayan's Foolsday" with the clay board.
  • Published first colouring book "Dayan's Figure I" and "Dayan's Figure II".
  • Published sixth serial story called "Dayan and Tower of King".
  • Inspired by the trip to Northern Europe, published a travel diary called "Let's go Northern Europe "
  • Published seventh serial story book called "Dayan returning to Tachiel". In this book, the secret of Wachifield's creation was finally revealed. 
  • Organized thematic exhibition "Dayan Exhibition - Akiko Ikeda's World" in Okaya Irufu Doga Museum.
  • Published serial story "Dayan and the shooting star of time" and "Dayan has a promise with Dream" in monthly magazine Moe. 
  • Published paper-cut books "Dayan's paper-cut drawings".
  • Published book "Dayan's Christmas".
  • Organized thematic exhibition "Akiko Ikeda's Exhibition - Dayan's Tasteful Dreams 20th Anniversary" in Sakata City Museum of Art.
  • Celebrate the picture book "Dayan's Tasteful Dreams"'s 20th anniversary, re-published the book.
  • Travelled to Paris and published travel diary "Cat's trip to Paris and Southern France" (2009).
  • Published "Cat walk at the alley"
  • Published 3D picture book "Dayan's Birthday".
  • Organized exhibition "Akiko Ikeda's Painting Exhibition" in Osaka Hanshin Department Store. 
  • Published serial story "Dayan's conference with cats in Paris".
  • Travelled to Borneo and witnessed how forest is devastated. 
  • Organized exhibition "Wachifield Christmas" in Langham Place, Hong Kong.
  • Travelled to Borneo and supported Borneo Conservation Trust. 
  • Designed products and published stories with the theme "Save the Forest". A portion of the income are donated to Borneo Conservation Trust. 
  • Published picture book "Dayan's Abecobea Moon".
  • Published magical serial story book 1: "Dayan and the Country of Darkness".
  • Travelled to Borneo and published a book "Listen to the sound of Forest" featuring rainforest in Borneo.
  • Beginning from 2010, part of river bank along Kinabatangan is officially named as "Dayan's Forest".
  • A music performance "Dayan and Abecobea's Moon" was conducted in Taiwan's National Theatre. 
  • A music performance "Dayan and Abecobea's Moon" was conducted in Tokyo Hakuju Hall.
  • Published magical serial story book 2: "Dayan and the eggs of Dinosaurs".
  • Organized exhibition "Akiko Ikeda's Exhibition - Dayan and Abecobea's Moon" in Osaka Hanshin Department Store and Okayama Niimi Museum of Art.

Ikeda in Lamma Island
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