Leather Product Care Instructions

Our products are handmade with top quality leather. Regular conditioning of the leather will enhance the durability and maintain a lustrous shine with time.

Leather is a beautiful natural material that is known for its strong and durable characteristics. Treat your leather products with appropriate care, and they can last for years.

Leather Care Instructions

Do not overstuff your leather bag. Leather has the ability to mould to a shape. Over stuffing may result in permanent bumps and lumps on leather surface. Like our skin, leather needs to breathe as well. Do not store your leather bag in plastic bags or any non-porous covers, which may result in mould growth. Cover them with breathable cloth such as cotton sheets when storing.

Keep your leather products away from direct sunlight and heat source. Allow wet leather products to dry slowly and naturally in airy location. Use leather conditioner (which has been tested in an inconspicuous area) to rehydrate your leather bag in dry seasons or dehydrated environment. Treat leather like your skin. Cleaners such as caustic household chemicals, leather preparations that contain alcohol, turpentine, and mineral spirits must never be used on your leather products. It may result in permanent damage to the protective coating and distort the colour.

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