Member Terms and Benefits

  • How can I register as a member in Wachifield HK?
  • You can register a membership account at our website:

  • Member Benifits:
  • Upon successful registration, you will be rewarded 200 rewards points. 
  • You will earn points upon registration as member, when you shop on this website, and many other activities! With these rewards points, you can redeem them as cash in the shopping cart.
  • Receive newsletters on latest promotions and new product releases.
  • How to Earn More Rewards Points? 
  • Upon successful registration as a member, you will earn 200 rewards points right away!Register Member
  • Shop any product on this website, you earn rewards points!
  • Earn 100 Birthday gift rewards points on your birthday! 
    Note: Your membership account must have "birthday" information filled in.
  • Earn extra bonus points on Wachifield special events / festivals.
  • Note: To be eligible to earn Rewards points, you need to register as a member. It is important that you login before you take any activities to earn rewards points.  Click here for step-by-step guide


  • Rewards Points Redemption Method:
    1. Login as member.
      Login using "Login" icon on top right corner. If you are not a member yet, click here to register first.
    2. Check the rewards points balance.
      Rewards points balance is displayed at the top of the screen or under “My Account”. Make sure you have sufficient points for gift redemption.
    3. Add redemption gift items to shopping cart.
      In the menu bar, select “Collectibles & Books” → “Redemption Gift”, add the items to redeem to the shopping cart.
    4. Review order at shopping cart.
      Go to shopping cart, system will displays redemption points needed. If you have enough points, press “Proceed to Checkout”, otherwise, you will not be able to press the button
    5. Check-out and settle order.
      At the check-out page, follow step-by-step instructions to fill in the details and settle payment. That's it! 


    1. Only registered member is eligible for rewards points and gift redemption.
    2. If you do not have sufficient rewards points, you will not be allowed to check-out the shopping cart.
    3. For any orders under HKD 500, the order is subject to delivery fee in HK. To save delivery costs, it is recommended to place order together with gifts for redemption.
    4. If you would like to redeem the gift together with another order placed recently, please check-out with payment type "Bank-In transaction", and drop us an email. We will waive the delivery fee of the redemption gift.
    5. All redemption gifts are distributed randomly and custom selection is not available.
    6. Rewards points are awarded to your account once the order is confirmed and delivered. The entire process will take a few days, so please wait patiently.
    7.  Gift redemption are available while stock lasts. 
    8. Customers who redeem gift must have a historical purchase at minimum $300, or a gift redemption order together with minimum $300 purchase. Otherwise, $100 administration fee will be levied (exclude delivery fee).


  • Membership Terms:
  • Rewards points can only be used as cash redemption at this website, or to redeem special gifts. Points cannot be redeemed to cash directly.
  • Rewards points cannot be transferred to other members.
  • Rewards points expires in 1 year. 
  • You can check your Rewards points balance from your account in website. For any inquiry, please contact (852) 2876 2884 or email
  • Wachifield Hong Kong reserves the right to make changes to Rewards points handling such as conversion rate or redemption method without notice. 
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