Wachifield September Catalog is now ready for pre-order! Order before 21 Aug (Mon) to enjoy 5% pre-order discount!

Our recommendations for the month:
- Art Series Transparent Puzzle 108pcs, previous designs was a hit and all sold out! This new series looks even prettier, especially when light passes through the puzzle. (933502, 933503, $160)
- Pear Series Tableware, all made in Japan at excellent quality, various sizes make it suitable for different dishes. ($90up)
- 2018 Calendar and diaries are released! Made in Japan with superior printing quality. The leather diary used the latest lovely Baltic Baby Pattern. ($88up)
- Baby Dayan Board Book, with touchable parts for baby's sensory stimulation! (933511, $140)
- Cat Paw Coin Bag, stylish and chic with practical space for daily usage. (933494, $320)

Estimated Delivery Date: Mid Oct 2017.

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