WACHIFIELD's Main Characters

WACHIFIELD is an absolutely illogical planet but yet filled with fun with amusements.
In the Tachiel City lives Dayan and other interesting animals and creatures. Let's take a look at each of them here. 

Dayan  達洋

Dayan was born on the earth but he was brought to the mysterious Wachifield by Snow God Eurocka through the snowy magic door. Beginning as a spoiled kitten, Dayan went through a lot of adventurous expeditions and learnt to treasure friendships. He is the guardian of Wachifield and he never forget friend’s birthdays.  



Marcy  小兔瑪西

The ancestors of Marcy the rabbit moved to Tachiel City a long long time ago, and they own a laundry and tailor shop here. Marcy’s mother is busy looking after the shop, so she takes up the responsibility to take care of her triplets sisters and Seam, her naughty younger brother. Marcy is a warmhearted young lady and she always take good care of lazy Dayan, not to mention his delicious breakfast every morning!


Iwan  鱷魚依凡

Same as Dayan, Iwan was born on the Earth. On his way travelling to Wachifield, heavy Iwan fell off into the dense forest and was brought up and nurtured there. To reciprocate he became a woodsman and learnt to communicate with trees and flowers. Despite his rough outlook and skin, Iwan has a gentle character and is a trusted friend of Dayan. 




Jitan  吉坦貓

Jitan is a mysterious cat who looks forever young, and he is cool, carefree and stylish. He is friend with lots of mysterious creatures and spirits. He likes making musical instruments, and the violin he plays possesses magical power. He predicted Dayan’s appearance to Wachifield, and the two cats have intricate destinies closely relating to each other. 



Vanilla  雲妮娜

Vanilla is the younger sister of Jitan. She is a sweet, friendly, kind and cute cat and is a popular animal in Wachifield. When Dayan is transformed to a baby, he is closest with Vanilla.  


Madame Moon


Madame Moon is a rabbit living alone on the Moon, and she is actually aunt of Marcy. She is unpredictable and you never know where she is and what she is doing! Madame Moon lives her solitary style of living, however sometimes she enjoys playing tricks on others, and at times she stands out for justice.





CHIP  吉普

Chip is the shadow of Dayan. Every year during the Night Shadow Party, Chip tries to escape from Dayan. Chip is the only shadow in the world that has its own name, and he is famous among the shadow community.



3 Witches

3 Witches  魔女三人組

The 3 Witches live on the top of Cachigari Mountain. Eldest sister Thyme possess astrology magic, Ginger is expert in practicing divination cards and youngest sister Pickles is good at making poisons. They are movers and shakers of Wachifield, and there is once they made a spell and converted Dayan into baby Dayan!


Wither Rook  木頭人樂古

Wither Rook is a withered piece of wooden branch picked up by Dayan. He is the housekeeper of Dayan’s home. Whenever Dayan is on a new expedition trip, Wither Rook becomes panicked and scared. However, despite of his feelings, he is very loyal and always stand by Dayan wherever he go.



Wither Rook


Willie  威利鼠

Willie lives in a village house on the riverbank and is a good friend of Dayan. Have you ever seen a cat and a mouse become good friends? Probably only in Wachifield! After knowing Willie, Dayan stopped catching mouse and instead he bakes mouse-shaped bread whenever he feels like getting one. Willie is curious and adventurous. There is once he almost got eaten when he pretend as a cat and went to the 222 Cat Conference!



Bone  骨頭先生

Bone was the guardian of Toripocca Temple of an ancient city called Atlos Sete, and he has been living there for over a thousand years. After moving to Wachifield, Bone became a postman and is a good friend with postman Henry the Coon.





BAKU  巴古   

Baku eats dreams, and Dayan’s dreams are especially attractive to him! Baku discovered as Dayan comes from the Earth, his dreams are more fun and lively than other animals, so he always tries to make Dayan go to bed.




Marple Muff  孖寶羊嬸嬸

Gossip is Marple Muff’s everything. She runs a grocery store in Tachiel City and to each visitor, she tries to plant the “Gossip Seed” on them and take care of every “Gossip Spirit Trees”. She is fascinated about collecting gossips and rumors in the city, and she re-sells them in “Gossip boxes”. However opinions on these boxes are pretty bad in general, because they are mostly outdated! 


Marple Muff

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