The Magical World of Wachifield

Have you ever been to a place where animals walk with their hind legs, talk like human beings, where cats and rats are good compaines, where habitants lives with sprits and different creatures in harmony, where there are endless celebrations and festivals...a place where you can enjoy every moment? This wonderful place is filled with magic, and it is called Wachifield. 

Long long time ago, the Earth and Wachifield were two connected planets. After a long and fierce war of the god and the giants, the Snow God covered Wachifield with snow to preserve its beauty of nature and separated it from the Earth. The Snow God assigned Snow Wolf and Frost Wolf to be guardian of this beautiful planet. 

wachifield wonderland

Tachiel City is the capital of Wachifield. In the north is the frightening Death Forest; to the north west is a dense green forest called Treasure Valley, and dinosaurs live there. In the centre there is a big lake, and in the centre of the lake is Do-Do Island, home of numerous Do-Do Bird. To the west is Aral Sea, where Cat Island is located, and is the venue of annual Cat Conference. To the south is city-of-canels South Tomsun and South Tham. They are the hubs of trading businesses in Wachifield, just like Venice on the Earth. To the east is Mount Cachigari, and the 3 Witches lives on the top of the frightful mountain. 

Tachiel City is home to Dayan and his friends. The dynamic city is lively and spirited. Hubby's Bar, run by a horse named Hubby, is a great gathering place for the townsfolk. Marcy's mother Maim Maple runs a laundry and tailor shop. Marple Muff operates a grocery store and it is a place of gossips. There is also Eltachiel post office, and Tachiel Enit Museum, the most mysterious place in the city.  

In the world of Wachifield, there are endless unique and mysterious festivals and celebrations throughout the whole year! Here are some of the most interesting ones. :

22 Feb ~ CAT DAY

Every year on 22 Feb, all cats on Wachifield gather together on Cat Island to attend the Cat Conference. Although it is so called a "Conference", you can hardly find an agenda nor a formal discussion. The cats just gather around the Lazy Cat Tree and spend a lazy day, rolling here and there, waiting for the beautiful sunset on the horizon of Aral Sea. 

wachifield 222 Cat Day


April ~ Blossom Night

It is always an enjoyable moment to gather around with friends under a hills of blooming cherry blossoms trees! As it is not easy to estimate the blooming time, Iwan, who can communicate with flowers and plants, will talk to the trees and pick the most beautiful cherry blossom tree for gathering. However, beware to find someone to look after the drunk Iwan who always drinks too much and too heavy to be carried! 

Wachifield Blossom Night


1 May ~ May Fair

The season of spring is filled with energy and vatality. Citizens of Wachifield will erect the Pole of May at the Tachiel Square to celebrate this magical season. The square will be decorated with hawthorne, and the citizens dance around the Pole of May to pray for harmony and peace for the whole year. Traditionally, animals with horns had tap dances competition, nowadays many citizens wear "horns" made with wooden branches and throw donuts on others' horns as a blessing. 

Wachifield May Fair


7 July ~ Dayan's Birthday

What a wonderful day for all friends of Dayan to get together and celebrate  his birthday! 

Wachifield Dayan Birthday


Full Moon Evening in September ~ Chibikuro Party (Dark Shadow Party)

Once a day each year, shadows are able to detach from their masters and enjoy a crazy party throughout the whole night! However this is also a frightful night for citizens of Wachifield, because if their shadows do not come back before dawn, they will lose their shadows forever! 

Wachifield Dark Shadow Party


1st Saturday in November ~ Marjory Noel (Circus Performance)

Marjory Noel is the biggest circus in Wachifield and it gives performances at Tachiel City every November. When the circus group enters the city, all citizens rush out to welcome them, signaling the start of this annual performance.  What a lively moment of the year! 

Wachifield Marjory Noel


17 - 25 December ~ Eurocka Festival 

The magical moments on Euroka Festival is one that must not miss! On the first evening, spirits of snow are awaken by the dance for snow, and at a whistle, they draw the first snow fall for the year. Then the magic gate of Eurocka is opened, and the spirit can summon one animal from the Earth to Wachifield! On the 22nd December, there is a singing contest and the city is filled with joy. On the 24th December, animals dress up like Santa Claus and send myterious presents to each home. On the next day, the citizens return home to pray for the birthday of the Sun peacefully and silently, and as the magic gate of Eurocka slowly closes, the festival also comes to the end. 

Wachifield Eurocka Festival

Wachifield Eurocka Festival


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